Lake Geneva, boat, spring and sunshine

Hotel Helvetie Tourism

We are at your disposal at the hotel reception for touristic information. Here is some information of general interest, see also under links.

VMCV Free Transport

Hotel Helvetie is located on the Line 201, and the “Montreux Casino” station is just outside the hotel. Your Riviera Card allows you to travel free on buses.

Bicycle rides

From Villeneuve, you can cross the Nature Reserve of Les Grangettes until Le Bouveret, and continue up the Rhône until Valais. And all this without cars on the route since most of the trail is reserved for pedestrians and cyclists! Storage of your bike possible at the hotel.


You can book tennis courts directly at the reception to play on the Montreux Tennis Club courts, located directly at the lake side.

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Chillon Castle

Is 20 minutes walk along the lake. Reduction with the Riviera Card.

The statue of Freddie Mercury

Is 3 minutes away from the hotel. A great opportunity to take a souvenir photo with a sunset in the background.

MOB trains and cable cars

Provide easy access to the surrounding mountains for unforgettable excursions. Glion, Rochers de Naye, Pléiades, Les Avants. Reduction with the Riviera Card.

The CGN boats

Allow you to embark on cruises on Lake Geneva. Reduction with the Riviera Card.

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